Fundraiser for our dearly beloved Dickens St-Elien aka Dialek


Dickens Saint-Ellen of Boston passed on March 26, 2023.  Our dear friend, brother, uncle and son is loved.  We speak of him in the present tense because Dickens lives!  Yes, he is missed and our hearts ache. But we are comforted by the fact that Dickens practiced a rich spiritual life and maintained a conviction that we continue to live because this is the Truth of being. The Bible teaching says God is Love and Love is eternal.

He had a tremendous passion for music which led him to become a music producer and prolific artist in his early years in Boston and New York.  As an artist he was known as “Dialek” a moniker that expressed his creativity, sound and soulfulness, that flavored his music.

Later in life Dickens began a spiritual journey.  He became a minister, teacher and author who published several books that motivated and encouraged others to serve and be their best selves. 

To honor Dicken’s memory and legacy, with the permission of his older brother Jethro & Jean Marc, we have created a fundraiser page.  All funds will go directly to his parents for funeral and future endeavors regarding Dickens legacy. Thank you for your support.  It is greatly appreciated.


Like Dialek would say “Don’t Give Up”.